I am off to see the Wizard–wanna join me?- A blog Post By Lakshmi Rajgopalan

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I am off to see the Wizard–wanna join me?

Who else, but The Wonderful Wizard of OZ? A wonderful classic that was re-enacted by the talented kids @ Elan.

December 16, 2012 kickstarted the official Winter celebrations @ Elan and it saw the launch of RIV Productions, an amateur theatre group organized by.. can you believe it, two 8th graders, Riya and Isha and Varun, a 6th grader. Riya, Isha and Varun called for auditions around July of 2012 and when 80+ kids of all ages (6-14) showed up, they conducted auditions in a way that could put a professional to shame and selected 40+ kids. Then Riya and Isha broke up the entire novel into 15 scenes, complete with scripts for narrators, dance sequences, individual scene dialogues and even the kind of music and props that should be in every scene. They coordinated practice schedules with all the individual classes these kids attended, including school, exam, not to mention holiday schedules and following up diligently via email, phone calls and text messages. The majority of the kids were in the age group of 6-8 and let me tell you, it was not an easy feat to make these kids remember their lines, their steps, their entry and exit points. Vidyuth played the role of “The Dragon Leader” and he was so excited to be a part of this play

They finally involved a group of parents (READ: MOM’s) around Diwali to help them out with stage arrangement, negotiations for light, sound and making of props. We were so proud to see these kids perform on stage and kudos to the young Directors, Riya and Isha. We were inspired by these kids who faced road block after road block but did not steer from their course and managed to pull off a successful and engrossing play. We had a full house and people didn’t even stop by to grab food…that, my friends is saying something  

Photos and Videos below:

The Wonderful Wizard of OZ 

(Vidyuth’s scene is from 28:04 – 31:11).

P.S Audio quality is poor:(