Upcoming Events

 April, 2015 – You Don’t Always Need Magic

‘You Don’t Always Need Magic’ play written by Riya Agrawal. The tale has been scripted to make it language free. It will be performed at Asha Home of the Destitute, Sri Sai Kripa Orphanage and SOS Children’s Village.

All the songs, dances, melodies and dialogues are wholly original. The instruments are to be played live by the kids as well. The 30 minute musical is performed by the talented kids from the ages of 8 to 15 years.




June 2014: Anne

Anne of Green Gables is a bestselling 1908 novel by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery that has been translated into 20 languages. This classic is a perfect read for people of all ages. In the book, the main character, Anne, who has been unwillingly adopted by a family, takes the readers and everybody in the town for a crazy ride.  She makes them happy, sad, angry, ecstatic… and all in all she makes them love her- for who she is.  

RIV Productions was inspired by this simple yet touching novel and made it into a play!

WHEN:  On  Saturday, 14th  June 2014   -  6 PM – 8 PM

VENUE :   Country Club,  Sarjapur  

( Country Club is located on Outer Ring  Road, near Intel Corp and on the opposite side of Sakra World Hospital.  Country Club is next to I-Life apartments on Outer Ring Road)

 Entry is free

Cast and Crew

Aditi Sathyanarayanan
Ananya Komerla
Archita Agrawal
Ganeev Chadha
Isha Thakar
Karthik Mathur
Megha Shastry
Meghan Singhal
Meher Sabharwal
Shravan Hari
Varun Agrawal
Vidyuth Guru
Viswa Abburu